Our self-designed, warmly lined dog coats offer safe protection from cold and wet.
They are made of breathable fabric, are dirt-repellent, keep out water and are windproof.

Due to the soft lining and the chest and belly flaps which are infinitely adjustable with Velcro fasteners, they offer optimal wearing comfort. The additional click-quick fasteners on the chest and stomach are adjustable in length and close the coat reliably.

The coat can be put on quickly and easily as it can be opened completely at the bottom. There is no need for awkward boarding.

The large, raised collar provides good protection for the sensitive neck and neck area.

Soft inner lining made of fleece

Hundemantel mit weichem Innenfutter

Innenfutter aus Fleece im Hundemantel

Two adjustable leg loops with click fasteners prevent the coat from slipping.

The collar has a recess for the dog leash, so the leash can be easily hooked in and out without having to open the coat. For safety in the dark, the coats are provided with reflective strips.

The length of the dog's back measured from the neck to the tail base gives the required size.

The coat is available in different colours and 13 sizes. The size intervals are 5 cm steps. If the measured back length is between two sizes, we recommend to take the next bigger size.