Things to know about bikejoering

Zughundesport Bikejöring

Photo: Emma, a Weimaraner-Bernersennen mix in front sets the pace. Sascha fully concentrated on the bike. Equipment: FASTER (photo) or SAFETY harness, Jöringleine 2,5m, bike slip with panic snap and world champion removable bike antenna clamp.

Bikejöring is a variant of the train dog sport and an excellent opportunity for our dogs who love running to live out their typical running and chasing instincts in a civilized way.  The human-dog-relationship is strengthened, and after the "work" in the wild is done, a feeling of well-being is established on both sides of the leash. The team dog/human is balanced and satisfied! The daily living together becomes more harmonious.

1-2 dogs are firmly connected to the bike by a Jöringleine. So this sport is possible on field and forest paths even in the breeding and setting time (leash obligation).

A cautious training over short distances can start for medium-sized dogs at the age of 10 months. In the leisure area or for training 2 dogs can also be harnessed. The training to become a draught dog can be completely different depending on the nature of the dog. Example: Dog A shoots off as if he had never done anything else. Dog B wants to be gently introduced to the new task.

Note: The shorter the initial distance - the more intensive the dog works. The more intensively the dog works, the fewer problems there are with crossing game or conspecifics. Step by step the "trainee" internalizes his new task - his "job"!  A gentle introduction to the new job will make both ends of the leash more enjoyable in the long run.

It is estimated that only about 10% of all dogs kept have a job. Train dog sport is one of them.

Bikejöring is practiced in active competition sport according to the IFSS rules with a dog. It is divided into 2 age groups and male and female. The leading dog is connected to the bicycle or the rider with an elastically damped leash. The leash must not be longer than 3m when taut. (Recommendation: Bikeschlupf with Paniksnap and 2,5m Jöringleine result in approx. 2,7m) At the end of the leash may be no metallic hooks and rings - carbines thus only at one side to hang up the dog in the harness! Dogs must have a minimum age of 18 months on the 1st day of the race.

It is recommended to use a bike antenna. The bike antenna leads the leash over the front wheel and is intended to prevent entanglements when the leash is sagging and when cornering. The bike aerial should be mounted on the frame. If the bike aerial is mounted on the handlebars or the handlebars, the dog would influence the steering behaviour of the rider.