Safety shortharness


The SAFETY harness is available in many colours and 12 sizes.

Size determination

If you click on the product, you will find a size table with measurements.

It is often the case, however, that measurements taken by different people on the same dog vary greatly. Therefore I only use the weight of the dog for the size assignment. Except of it actually only dogs, which deviate from the standard physique like some so-called combat dog kinds, pugs or also greyhounds.

Here I offer custom-made products: a short, stocky dog with 26kg could for example get a SAFETY in size M with neckline M/L or even L. A greyhound with a very slim neck with 26kg could get a SAFETY M with a S/M neckline.

For your orientation you will find HERE different customer examples which help you to find the right size for your dog.

And HERE you will find explanations about the fit and handling of the SAFETY harnesses.

ATTENTION: Slight colour variations are possible.

If you are not sure about the size of the SAFETY short harness please send me

Breed type / mix type and weight of the dog

Your Uwe

Safety beim Mantrail

The SAFETY short harness in use with *Lotte*, trainee in the Berlin police's dog sniffer dog squad

Our SAFETY has been specially developed for daily use by dogs working on a leash, taking ergonomic aspects into account.

Based on the FASTER pulling and racing harness, we have incorporated all our knowledge and experience from decades of practice into the development of the SAFETY.

The particularly wide, comfortable support of the SAFETY at the dog's pulling point ensures that the pulling pressure is distributed over a large area of the dog's chest. The straps, which are attached diagonally over the chest, prevent - as is often the case with conventional harnesses - the chest support from shifting in the direction of the dog's throat. This special feature prevents choking on the dog's neck even under strong tension. 

Zugpunkt beim Safety Geschirr

In addition to the advantages that this has for the health of the dog, we have also made sure that the SAFETY is uncomplicated and easy to use for both dog and human.       Two click fasteners on the side of the harness guarantee that it can be put on and taken off quickly.

The SAFETY is made of easy-care, water-resistant fabric, three-ply with inside padding. The individually adjustable belt for the chest circumference runs in a sheathing of this special fabric.

The edges are worked to be gentle to the skin and coat. This ensures that even when the dog is working intensively with the SAFETY for a long time, no chafing caused by straps, buckles and fasteners can occur.

We have significantly upgraded the already attractive design of the SAFETY with additional reflector strips to increase safety in the dark.

Versatile application possibilities:

* Harness for every dog/every day. Also highly recommended for driving a bicycle.

* Harness for Bikejöring, Trike, Scooter, Canicross. The SAFETY is especially suitable for hard working dogs due to the large surface area of the harness at the pulling point.

* Starting harness for greyhounds. Suitable due to the quick putting on and off.

* Touring and hiking harness. In combination with our canicross belt and the Jöringleine an ideal companion for dog and human.

* Safety harness in the car. With a separate belt the SAFETY is locked in the safety belt receptacle (see category "safety belts")

* Mantrail harness for the "nose to the ground" hard working search dog.

Safety Kurzgeschirr beim Bikejöring

SAFETY shortharness in Raction with *Ginger* und *Murphy* in front of the MTB

Safety Führ- und Zuggeschirr

Safety Führ- und Zuggeschirr