Canicross and THS (tournament dog sport), two currently very popular possibilities for sport with any dog.

Doghiking and dog trekking have also become very popular.

No matter if in pure leisure or competition, here you will find all the accessories you need for canicross, doghiking/dogtrekking and tournament dog sports.

Canicross, the running with a dog running ahead, is enjoying a considerable increase in popularity, both in active sports and in leisure time. Similar increases can also be observed in tournament dog sport (THS) cross-country running.

According to the rules of the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) Canicross is defined as running with only one dog.  At competitions one can experience how individual 60kg runners pulled by 35kg dogs achieve faster times over a distance of 5000m than Olympic athletes over the same distance.  So there is a good reason to limit Canicross to one dog in competition. The start is in divided age groups, distinguished into male, female and youth. Children and guest classes are welcome participants in various races.

Dogs must have a minimum age of 12 months on CC races! Any dog that is physically and mentally able to do so and does not show any aggression towards other dogs may participate. All information about the race rules here:

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