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Welcome to my dog pulling shop


Here you will find a lot of information on the subject of sport with dogs - whether in the leisure area at Canicross, Scootering, Mantrail or tournament dog sport - as well as equipment for performance-oriented train dog sport. We also have many articles for normal everyday life with every dog, whether for the daily walk or the extended hike. Just click on the respective picture or go via the menu.

We will be there for you in person again. If possible, please notify us of your visit in advance so that we can better plan the simultaneous presence of customers in the shop. We look forward to seeing you.  

Our offer includes a large assortment of vehicles such as dog scooters / scooters or trikes, harnesses from Zero-DC, collars, joring lines, bike antennas and pull lines, lead and drag lines, bike slips, booties, dog coats and much more. Just have a look.


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My book in collaboration with Dr. Jette Schönig:

ZUGHUNDESPORT with lots of instructions as well as tips and tricks for setup and training



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Leash for dogtrekking


Harness for dogpulling

The NDR film about me and my dogs in training and in the race gives a wonderful insight into our sport. Get infected by sled dog fever:



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