Nonstop Touring Bungee Leash

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Touring Bungee Leash

Lightweight and versatile dog leash in a variety of styles, suitable for all small to large breeds and activities

Bungee leash

The Touring bungee leash is ideal for hiking, although it can also be used for activities such as running, skiing and cycling if your dog only pulls moderately. The elastic section follows directly after the wrist loop, reducing uncomfortable swinging of the leash. The remaining part of the leash is static and therefore very practical when you want to have control over your dog. An integrated reflective piece ensures high visibility even in the dark.
The Touring bungee leash has a twistlock carabiner on the 23 mm wide leashes and a lightweight screw carabiner on the 13 mm wide leashes. The carabiners lock for added security.
The Touring Bungee series can be combined with our Y-extension, the Touring double, if you want to travel with two dogs.


Technical specifications:

    Carabiner with screwgate (13mm)
    Twistlock carabiner (23mm)
    Both carabiners have a breaking load of 300 kg
    Durable polyester webbing
    Elasticated section
    3M reflective materials

Washing instructions:

Hand wash only