Nonstop Bungee Leash 2 dogs

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Bungee leash double

The Bungee leash double is designed for use with two dogs at the same time. This leash is ideal for activities such as running, skiing and cycling with two dogs.

This double leash was originally developed for professional racing use in skijoring and canicross, although this is also perfect for any active dog owner. The Bungee leash double reduces the strain of pulling for you and your dog. The double leash has no metal parts in the middle. This is to prevent the leash from swinging unintentionally. The two branches of the leash are static, with the rest of the bungee leash being elastic. The unique functionality and quality of this leash is the reason why it is used by most athletes in canicross, skijoring and bikejoring. The core is made of a high-strength rubber fabric and is protected by a durable polyester layer. The Bungee leash double is equipped with Non-stop dogwear's own twistlock carabiner. The carabiner locks itself so you can be sure you won't lose your dog halfway up the leash. In addition, this carabiner prevents the leash from twisting due to the integrated swivel system. The carabiner is thus approved for racing.

Colour: Orange-black

Technical specifications

    High strength rubber core
    Twistlock carabiner with a breaking load of 300kg

Washing instructions
Pure hand wash.