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Faster dog-harness

The Faster train and racing harness is available in many colours

and sizes available.

Please take the right size from the size chart or call us, we will be happy to advise you.

Our patented FASTER racing and pulling harness optimally supports the performance of the working dog under ergonomic aspects. The extra wide support of the FASTER on the dog's underline and front chest makes it possible:

                            - that the harness is fixed centrally on the pulling point (the chest)

                            - a large surface distribution of the pulling pressure on the dog's chest

The FASTER is made of easy-care, water-resistant three-layer fabric with padding on the inside. The edge finishes are gentle to the skin and coat. This ensures that there are no chafe marks even when the dog works with the FASTER for a long, intensive and hard time.

Due to the ergonomic cut of the FASTER pulling harness, we can do without the usual strap X on the back (back). Because of the now *free* back, the dog can perform its natural movement sequence in speed (wave-like back movement) without any impairment.

You want to have a name on the dishes?
My advice: In every embroidery shop in your area you will be served immediately. Take a piece of black fabric, have the name embroidered with a thread in the matching harness colour and sew the fabric onto the harness. Please do not under any circumstances have the name embroidered directly into the harness. The yarn can cause chafing on the dog

ATTENTION! Slight colour deviations are possible.

Size assignment FASTER pulling harness

Size Mini I:

    neck circumference ca. 25-27 cm
    chest circumference ca. 45-50 cm
    Back length approx. 33-36 cm

Size Mini II:

    neck circumference ca. 27-32 cm
    chest circumference ca. 49-53 cm
    Back length approx. 36-39 cm

Size Mini III:

    neck circumference ca. 30-35 cm
    chest circumference ca. 52-57 cm
    Back length approx. 39-44 cm

Size SX:

    Weight approx. 12 - 15 kg
    neck circumference ca. 35 - 39 cm
    chest circumference ca. 55 - 58 cm
    Back length approx. 40 - 45 cm

Size SL:

    Weight approx. 15 - 18 kg
    neck circumference ca. 37 - 40 cm
    chest circumference ca. 58 - 61 cm
    Back length approx. 45 - 50 cm

Size S:

    Weight approx. 17 - 20 kg
    neck circumference ca. 39 - 40 cm
    chest circumference ca. 61 - 64 cm
    Back length approx. 50 - 56 cm

Size M:

    Weight approx. 20 - 28 kg
    neck circumference ca. 39 - 43 cm
    chest circumference ca. 64 - 70 cm
    Back length approx. 52 - 57 cm

Size L:

    Weight approx. 28 - 32 kg
    neck circumference ca. 40 - 44 cm
    chest circumference ca. 70 - 78 cm
    Back length approx. 55 - 60 cm

Size XL:

    Weight approx. 31- 34 kg
    neck circumference ca. 43 - 45 cm
    chest circumference ca. 78 - 85 cm
    Back length approx. 60 - 66 cm

Size XXL:

    Weight approx. 34 - 38 kg
    neck circumference ca. 44 - 47 cm
    chest circumference ca. 85 - 90 cm
    Back length approx. 66 - 70 cm

Size XXXL:

    Weight approx. 37 - 43 kg
    neck circumference ca. 46 - 49 cm
    chest circumference ca. 90 - 100 cm
    Back length approx. 70 - 76 cm


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