Dragråttan x-back harness

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Dragråttan X-back-harness

Nome Harness for working dogs

Dragråttan X-back-harness

is a traditional Nome harness from Sweden, Dragrattån's best-selling harness. It is a strong, fully padded harness that is one-piece at the front and well padded. A reflective loop in the neck makes it easier to ride in the dark with a headlamp.

This harness is designed for working dogs. The X-Back is strong and durable and has a good fit, making it suitable for most dogs. It does not slip and stays in place.
The neck strap and the front X-Back straps, as well as the straps on the sides, are fully padded. The strap is slightly wider at the neck than the strap of the R harness. Otherwise it is similar. Fits most dogs. Available in ten sizes, size 0-9.


The difference between the smallest and the largest size is larger than in the
previous model.