Dragråttan x-back harness

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Dragråttan R harness

Racing harness, especially for
Hounds and narrow dogs

Dragråttan R harness

The R-harness is designed to meet the needs of the racing dog. This harness has got a round throat opening. The front is single chested and well padded. The harness has got a perfect shape for Scandinavian hound breeds. The troat opening is a bit smaller and the harness is long over the back. Made to fit the modern competition dog.

The padding is water-repellent and the strap is fitted with a reflex. The R-harness gives the dog maximum freedom of movement.

Nine sizes, sizes 0-8.

The R harness is suitable for the competition dog who has to work at high speed. It gives the dog free play. Balanced upper and lower harness.

The favourite model among racers.