Here you will find answers to the questions we are asked most frequently. Most of the descriptions can already be found somewhere here in the shop, but may not be seen at first sight just by looking through them quickly. For these questions you will find a link to the appropriate explanations here, so you don't have to search the whole shop. Other questions will be answered directly here.

I would like to start with the dogscooting. What do I need and what do I have to pay attention to?

You can find detailed information about the required equipment here: What do I need for Dogscooting?

A short introduction to the topic of dogscooting and what you have to consider in general can be found here: What I need to know about Dogscooting

Our different Fairbanks Dogscooter models and their suitability for different needs we have presented in small movies. Click on the respective model and you will immediately be taken to the appropriate film. Fairbanks City, Dogscooter Fairbanks Cross I, Dogscooter Fairbanks Cross II, Dogscooter Fairbanks Cross III

Which harnesses are suitable for my purposes?

SAFETY and FASTER harnesses. For pure pulling work you can also use our X-Back harness. The all-round harness is in any case our SAFETY harness, which is really suitable for EVERY dog due to the many sizes and intermediate sizes as well as the possibility of custom-made design. Here we show an overview of the many possible applications of our SAFETY harness.

How must the SAFETY harness fit properly?

The answer can be found HERE and for even better understanding there is also a small movie


What size SAFETY harness does my dog need?

It is often the case that measurements are taken by different people on the same dog
differ greatly from each other. Therefore, I judge myself with the size allocation only by the weight of the dog. Except of it actually only dogs, which deviate from the standard physique like some so-called "fighting dog types", pugs or also greyhounds.
Here I offer then special productions: a short stocky dog with 26 kg could e.g. get a SAFETY in size M with neckline M/L or even L. A greyhound with a very slim neck with 26 kg could get a SAFETY M with a S/M neckline.
For your orientation you will find HERE different customer examples which will help you, to find the right size for your dog too.

If you have any questions about the size of the SAFETY short harness please send me
otherwise please breed type / mix type and weight of the dog. I will gladly advise you

I would like to harness several dogs to the scooter

I would like to harness dogs of different sizes in front of a dogscooter

Can you do that?

Of course it's okay. Of course, there are a few points to consider. First and foremost, the safety of you and your dogs is our priority. So only ride with as many dogs as you can handle. If you feel confident enough to do so, there are different ways of harnessing these dogs. Here we show you the most important ones: tips

How do I determine the correct clamp size for my bike antenna?

The bike antenna holds the pulling rope, on which the dog pulls the vehicle, away from the front wheel - so that the rope does not get tangled. The rope is NOT attached to the antenna, but to the frame of the vehicle.

It is attached to the frame with a clamp. For this we need the frame diameter. How is the frame diameter determined now?

We have also made a video for this:  determing the frame diameter