Jerk absorber

Only shock absorbers for self-training (up to four dogs)

Made of PE rope, colours match tuglines and harnesses

For several dogs in front of the scooter take the jerking part of the 2-dog Jöringleine.


4-dog pull line in front of the scooter:

Optionally run 2 dogs in front and one in the back, or one dog in front and 2 dogs in the back. To ensure the correct distance in front of the front wheel, I recommend the jerk damper part of our 2-dog jöringle line and the bike slip with panic snap and rip cord. With this tension, Faster or X-Back harness are required. But attention: 3 dogs in front of the scooter is already a tricky thing!

The braking power alone will hardly impress 3 dogs of 30 kg each.

A very good mental influence on the dog is essential Condition!

You can find more clamping tips HERE: HIER

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