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A confusing supply of dogscooters floods the web.

Many of them are mistakenly advertised as dogscooters.

Only a few of them are "dogscooters" suitable for the train dog sport.

If then still points like driving safety and driving comfort are included, it becomes very narrow!
Pedal scooters in general are not specifically designed as "dogscooters".

The ergonomics of these "scooters" are accordingly designed to "move around under their own power", i.e. to pedal continuously.

This is how you stand on the countless "scooters" offered on the web on a narrow (designed for 1 foot only) running board, with low mounted handlebars and upper body bent over forward.

This posture is certainly ok for a "race". But during daily training our Fun factor lost in uncomfortable posture!

Our dogs should always have traction on the leash and be able to walk on firm, level
Work lightly against the brake on the substrate.

Only occasionally, in difficult terrain or uphill passages, we will support the pedals. It is important that the footboard is set as low as possible!
With the dog supporting "co-pedals" we feel every centimetre
too much step height. "Downhill scooter" is therefore ruled out.
Our dogs want to balance themselves in their forward drive in the harness.

For this purpose there must be always a light pull on the leash!
A too high speed, especially in downhill passages, could unsettle our partner!

An insecure, overstrained dog might pull the emergency brake by itself!
Beside the "fun factor" of the Kostka and Hadhi models listed here, dogscooters for the use of 1-2 dogs provide more safety compared to the bike due to the ground proximity of the rider.
The models listed below are example models, which I use with my dogs and would like to recommend regarding driving safety and comfort.
Of course all other models and configurations of the manufacturers Hadhi Trike and Südcamp Adventure are also available here:
"Weltmeisters" always has an extensive contingent of dogscooters and dogtrikes ready for you.

For possible consultations on site, by phone or by e-mail I will be happy to help you.

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