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Dogscooting is currently very much in vogue. More and more dog lovers are discovering the team experience man/dog and with dog-scooting they are doing justice to our four-legged friend's urge for movement.

Dogscooting is train dog sport with a (preferably) suitable dog scooter.
Conventional scooters, pedal scooters, city scooters and even vehicles offered as scooters for dog sports are often completely unsuitable in our eyes and may endanger the integrity of humans and animals.
Here you will find all the accessories you need for driving with dogs. In
The only essential things are: the suitable vehicles like dog-scooters, bike antennas, lines and harnesses.

You will find instructions for clamping HERE.

Again and again we are asked what you need or should consider as a beginner in dog-scooting

For newcomers we have described exactly what equipment you need and how to use it below.

Fun factor guaranteed. And here you will find suitable Dogscooters and accessories


1. Dog : We assume that you already own this. Any dog of any breed that is keen to run and any mixed breed of dog that has no health restrictions can start training-dog training. We have seen Dalmatians, Retrievers, Labradors, Shepherds, Shepherd dogs, small and large terriers, poodles, various hunting dogs, etc. with joy at the train dog sport

2. collar: In case of a dog in front of the Dog sooter you do not necessarily need a collar, but if you want to ride with two dogs, the dogs must wear collars. A "Neckline" is used to connect the dogs together at the collar. Without this fixation, one dog could run on the left and one on the right of the path and thus take up the entire roadway, which would then quickly lead to accidents with other passers-by

3. pulling harness: Under no circumstances should the dog pull on the collar. Therefore you need a suitable pulling harness for the pulling dog sport, which fits well, does not chafe and distributes the resulting pulling point well over the chest/shoulder area

4. jerk leash: Jöringle leashes are equipped with a jerk absorber, which cushions jerky loads in the dog's back. In the length they correspond to the competition rules. Jöringle lines are available for one or two dogs antenna: Bike antennas are for safety. They keep the towing line at a distance above the front wheel. Without a bike antenna, the Jöringleine could quickly become entangled in the front wheel For all antennas you also need a suitable holder to attach the antenna to the frame of the scooter or MTB

6. bike slip: The bike slip connects the pulling line with the frame of the scooter or MTB. An intermediate panic snap with rip cord allows the dog to be separated from the vehicle in dangerous situations

7. Dogscooter: Our dogscooters are specially selected or specially configured vehicles as they are used in the train dog sport. Our main focus is on the safety aspect for humans and animals. Our specially configured dogscooters allow the user a comfortable posture. An aspect that distinguishes us from other suppliers.

And if you need some information first, no problem.

In the column "worth knowing about Dogscooter" I give a small insight into the most important points and can be reached beyond that daily except on weekend by telephone under 05303/4088 from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00.


Have fun reading, your


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