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Runnerpants are the new canicross belts especially for sportive use.


Spine friendly and tight fitting canicross belt for canicross, skijoring, bikejoring, hiking, touring... for everyday. In contrast to the pure canicross belt, this belt also has trousers made of net fabric. This guarantees a perfect fit and non-slip hold, thus preventing a wrong and in the long run harmful shift of the pulling point towards the spine.

Just as the Canicross belt has a reflective strip, it also gives the athlete a certain amount of security in the dark. The three-layer belt is made of a robust outdoor fabric on the outside and a mesh fabric with soft padding on the inside. The integrated trousers are made of air-permeable, lightweight mesh fabric. Sweating and chafing is thus prevented.

The Runnerpants are mainly used for sports, but also for hiking, touring, or daily "walking", they give the dog handler a safe and comfortable feeling. The hands remain free.

In the back there is a patch pocket with velcro fastening, on the side a small carabiner.

The patch pocket offers a lot of space for small things like keys or mobile phone.

The body circumference for the CC belt size is measured in the pelvic-pubic area. The leg straps are usually too long. The excess belt can be cut off with scissors. First determine the padded area of the leg belt in the inner thigh area!

Body circumference is measured in the pelvic and posterior area:

M from about 70 cm to about 100 cm / L to about 110 cm / XL to about 130 cm.​