Nordic Walking with dog without disturbing poles - our new Caniwalker

The Caniwalker allows a gentle whole body workout at both ends of the leash.
2 handles are attached to the Caniwalker belt by a pulling rope on the left and right side. If the arms move forward, they pull the rope out of the handles against a resistance. When moving backwards the rope unrolls. The grips can be released at any time and the hands are free.  The Pro Walkers can be easily removed if necessary. The belt then corresponds to the CCCC Comfort Class with two drinking bottles.

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The Caniwalker is available in three sizes and only in black-grey. Please note that in size M, the large back pocket is placed vertically in order not to impair the movement of the arms.

As a useful upgrade for the practical liquid supply during activity, we recommend our drinking bag, which can be stored in the Caniwalker's pockets to let the dog drink comfortably on the way.

Size chart:

M from approx. 70 cm to approx. 90 cm
L to approx. 110 cm
XL up to approx. 130 cm

Please note: If the straps of the leg loops are shortened, please weld the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying or ripping




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