Canicross running belt


Spine friendly canicross belt for canicross, skijoring, bikejoring, hiking, tours... for everyday.

With pleasure this belt is used for "free succession" in the dog training. With a short leash between handler and dog, the dog learns the free sequence without additional action (jerky tearing) of the handler.

This canicross belt is fixed over the pelvis by 2 leg straps. This fixation prevents the belt from sliding up to the waist. A belt sitting in the waist quickly causes irreparable damage to the spine due to the dog's permanent pull (sometimes jerking). The belt fixed over the pelvis by the leg straps gives the handler a much better power ratio compared to his dog - comparable to the lever law.

Equipped with a reflective strip, it gives the athlete a certain security even in the dark. The three-layer belt is made of a robust outdoor fabric on the outside and a mesh fabric with soft padding on the inside. It nestles pleasantly against the body.

The CC- Belt is not only used in the sporty area, but also for hiking, touring or daily "walking", the dog handler has his hands free.

Fix the CC-Belt as low as possible, but not so low that it slides down over the bottom!

The deeper the CC-Belt is fixed above the pelvic-posterior region by the leg straps, the better the "leverage" against our dog pulling on the leash. Without this leg strap fixation, the belt will slide up to the waist and the resulting pull will damage our spine.

The body circumference for the CC belt size is measured in the pelvic-pubic area. The leg straps are usually too long. The excess belt can be cut off with scissors. First determine the padded area of the leg belt in the inner thigh area!

Body circumference is measured in the pelvic and posterior area:

M from about 70 cm to about 100 cm / L to about 110 cm / XL to about 130 cm.


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