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Do you want to support your dog's performance, protect his bones and joints, simply increase his well-being or improve his coat and skin? Then the scientifically proven effect of Palamountains products is just right for you.

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exceed bone & joint


preeboost and recovery

"Palamountain's unique patented oil emulsion makes a significant contribution to the wellbeing of your animals." Professor Brain Wilkinson - Massy University, New Zealand

PalaMOUNTAINS offers a unique range of oil-based products designed to improve the overall health of your animals.

The animal's digestive system is similar to an industrial processing plant. A number of bacteria and enzymes have to break down the food in order to utilise and further process the absorbed nutrients from muscles, fat, bones, etc. The effectiveness of the bacteria and enzymes in the intestine and body depends greatly on what the animal eats. The speed at which the bacteria and enzymes can work varies from slow to fast and optimal utilisation depends on whether they are fed with the right balance of nutrients.

We can help the digestive system work more efficiently by providing it with essential nutrients so that it can work at maximum capacity.

However, the actual processing speed depends on how much of the right feed the animal is eating. This in turn affects the quality of nutrient utilisation, i.e. the type of weight gain, health and coat growth, etc.

Whether the animal gains weight depends entirely on the quality and quantity of the feed the animal receives. Thus, palaMOUNTAINS not only contributes to weight gain, but also helps and promotes the speed at which the digestive system can work. The overall utilisation of nutrients requires that the animal receives enough and exactly the right nutrients every day. A lack of food or nutrients over a prolonged period of time will result in weaker performance.

The unique patented oil composition of palaMOUNTAINS with an absorption level of 99.5% contributes significantly to increasing the health and performance of your animals.

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